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2HSV- Stichting Haagsche Vrienden HSV

We are looking for parents who enjoy organizing fund-raising activities, such that we can support the school financially. This way our children will be able to have more facilities and learning can be made more fun. If you’re interested in helping 2HSV, please send an email to info@2hsv.org .

The foundation 2HSV  supports the Haagsche School Vereeniging primary school on the Nassaulaan in Den Haag. By raising funds 2HSV is able to assist the school in realizing various projects. In the past 2HSV helped the school by  (partially) funding chromebooks, playground equipment, etc….


The hoodies for all locations except Nassaulaan were delivered in early June. The hoodies for Nassaulaan are expected to be handed out to the children in the week of June 26. 

Unfortunately HSV hoodies can no longer be ordered. Thank you for all your purchases!

Lego Education

On Friday November 4th the Lego Education action ended with a splendid auction dinner at Sociëteit de Vereeniging. The online auction ended just before the dinner. The online auction, donations and the auction dinner resulted in €8000,- for the school to invest in the Lego Education program. Thank you all!!