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One-month membership to be used any time before 01-05-2023, (valued €250)


Des Indes Health Club & Spa 

Renowned as Hotel Des Indes’ premium class fitness club. Founders Monty Macpherson and Quinten Izeboud introduced their view on result based but also feel good training coupled with physiotherapeutic insights, launched in 2005. They have elevated fitness to a higher level, based upon the core values of movement, through this innovative notion. 

Personal training

Personal trainers are available at the gym to assist, the benefits of supervision by a personal trainer are apparent. 

A coach will take inventory of your wishes and expectations, will project a realistic goal together with you and will devise a workout schedule. This is how to achieve optimal results in proportion to your efforts. 

On top of all this, a personal trainer is an excellent motivator who makes sure that you enjoy your workout as well as achieve your goals. 


Des Indes Health Club & Spa has a limited number of exclusive memberships available for external guests, through which they have access to the spa, gym, personal training, and other services as well as social events. 

Note: this item may also be an auction item at the auction dinner.